WordPress SEO Consultant

WordPress SEO Consultant

When creating a website, it is important to work on optimization from different angles to facilitate natural referencing on search engines. It will consider the technical part, the content and the popularity of the site to facilitate the natural referencing. The advantage that WordPress offers is that in addition to being able to create a blog which is an advantage for SEO, it offers a considerable range of tools to help your site perform well to rank on Google, Bing and other search engines. My goal as a consultant will be to use the tools that WordPress offers for optimization. I will do a complete SEO audit of your site and establish an action plan and strategy to meet your goal of being in the top results.

Consultant for WordPress CMS

I started my career creating websites entirely hand-coded in HTML and CSS. In 2009, I discovered the WordPress CMS. Since then I use it to create websites. My job as a digital consultant allows me to deliver WordPress trainings in person or remotely in Paris and its region.

I have also developed an expertise in the use of this powerful content management system so if you are looking for a freelancer for your WordPress website, you can contact me.

WordPress Consultant Services


  • Classes in training center/schools.

  • Learn how to create your website 

  • Learn how to optimize your WordPress website for SEO