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Freelance Web Administrator at your service

If you are looking for an expert in Paris and in France for freelance Web Administrator missions or if you have a business creation project and you are looking for someone for the design of a website, you are at the right place.

Web Administrator for Website Design

Graduated from a Bachelor in Digital Media Production. I first started by designing websites in HTML and CSS. During my studies, I trained in full stack Web Development to get acquainted with more advanced back end languages like PHP and to understand the functioning of databases (Mysql) of a website.   This is all the interest that pushes me to design today responsive websites under WordPress, a powerful CMS that saves time to design showcase and e-commerce websites. Check out my completed projects.  I also offer web training on WordPress

My experience as a Web Administrator led me to evolve towards a more technical environment: Bug resolution, investigation of incidents that occurred on websites and their maintenance. Web project management for further technical follow-up with developers to implement better features on the sites I contributed to the expansion. Contact me if you have a need in the management of your technical web projects.

Web Administrator expert in CMS

In my present career, I have worked with various CMS such as WordPress, Adobe, Sitecore, Magento, Hybris and Saleforce Commerce Cloud to maintain the web content management systems of the groups I have worked with. Thus for all promotional mechanics on home and landing pages. Development of product pages or production of campaign pages via your content management tool. Do not hesitate to call upon my skills if you have digital projects of this scale.

Web Administrator for your natural referencing and SEO

As a Web Administrator and having started by coding pages in html. The fundamentals of natural referencing when designing a website are part of the technical notions to master. Beyond the technical part, the content must be optimized and many other aspects. Thus I make sure that upon design and delivery of your website, it is well optimized to facilitate your online visibility on search engines including Google.

Web Administrator Services

Web administration

  • Content management systems technology

  • Production releases of campaign pages

  • Technical bug fixes

  • Search engine optimization/SEO

  • Technical web project management

Website design

  • Design and development of turnkey WordPress websites with pre-selected themes.
  • Semi-custom WordPress website design.