Olivia Antonin: consultante en digital (digital consultant). Illustration de Olivia avec son laptop à domicile.

Digital Consultant

Freelance consultant for your digital transformation

Hello, I’m Olivia Antonin. My career in digital began 13 years ago. I am a freelance digital consultant in Paris, France and in full remote abroad, bilingual in English. I assist and advise my clients in the digital transformation of their business or if you have a business creation project to launch your online business; I make sure that this transition is up to your expectations and your business challenges. I also manage web projects, based on my expertise in this field. Do not hesitate to contact me for your digital project missions.

Creative and curious by nature, I have always loved exploring and testing everything related to the web. I graduated from the College of Communication, London University of the Arts in London with a Bachelor’s degree in digital media production. This course allowed me to discover what is possible to create in the digital sphere technically, and then through my experience I was impressed by the tools I use today to develop a web strategy.

Consultant for your Digital Marketing needs

Today, web marketing is essential when you want to develop your online visibility, attract new customers, acquire more traffic or generate more business. When creating a website, some parameters can be neglected to achieve our growth objectives. My job as a digital consultant is to assist you in the implementation of your web strategy to achieve your goals.

As an expert in digital media acquisition, I will set up your web marketing campaigns on different levers.

Thus you can entrust me with the project management of your digital campaigns through monitoring the activation of google ads campaigns and then analyzing these actions on tools such as Google Analytics to optimize the performance of your site.

Digital consultant for your SEO strategy

As soon as a website is created, a strategy must be employed so that your site is naturally referenced on search engines and to have a positioning on the first page of Google. Thanks to my experience as digital consultant, I will perform an audit of your website and optimize the content to improve your natural referencing and thus make you access to more visibility.

Digital consultant for website design and management

Having a website that reflects the activity of my clients and that is as faithful as possible to what they wish to offer in terms of services is important. Digital web consultant for your website project or project management related to your website, I provide you with my technical skills in web design and my taste for creativity using the wordpress CMS. It’s a tool that allows me to create showcase websites.

My skills in web languages such as: css, html and php also allow me to have a more technical expertise in order to target where can come from potential bugs and accompany you in the management of your technical web projects

Digital training in WordPress CMS

My expertise in digital marketing strategy and website design allows me to pass on my knowledge and teach how to create your own website with the WordPress CMS remotely or in person in training centers in Paris and Ile de France. Upon completion of the training, students know how to create a website, use the WordPress themes and the different modules and will also have good notions concerning the optimization of the website in SEO. As well as understanding the back office.